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Marquee tents for sale

 Are you looking for a high quality marquee tent for sale? SA Marquee and tents is the one and only place you will get everything you need! 

A marquee tent is a form of shelter consisting of sheets of fabric and other material draped over. Marquee tents for sale ranges in size from bivouac structures, big enough for one person to sleep in, up to huge circus tents capable of seating thousands of people. Our marquee tents for sale can be used for various purposes such as; 

  • Recreational use ( festivals, weddings, backyard parties, major corporate events and more)
  • Temporary shelters (industrial shelters)
  • For disaster victims
  • For excavation (constructions covers)

SA Marquee and tents provides you with everything you need; depending on tent size and the experience you would like to experiment, we have tents that can be assembled (pitched) in between 5 and 25 minutes; disassembly (striking) takes a similar length of time. We also have tents that have spring-loaded poles and can be 'pitched' in seconds, but take somewhat longer to strike.

SA Marquee and tents is the best company for your best choice of marquee tents for sale because our products are economical and practical because of their portability and low environmental impact. These qualities are necessary when used in the wilderness or backcountry. Our marquee tents for sale can also be used for humanitarian emergencies such as war, earthquakes and fire. Come to us we have everything you need!

Canvas tent for sale

SA Marquee and tents offers you the best quality canvas tents for sale they are way better quality than nylon tents that are fine for occasional camping excursions but they don’t offer the same protection and durability provided by our canvas tent for sale and camping tent for sale. When you need the best tools for your camping experience. Here at SA Marquee and tents we provide you with Canvas tent for sale that is weatherproof, sturdy and made to last a lot longer than the nylon. If you are looking for the ultimate in camping gear, canvas is always the right choice because its material is also able to holds temperatures better, keeping you absolutely warm or cool, no matter what type of environment you might be in.

S.A Marquees and tents is one of South Africa's leading manufacturers and suppliers of canvas tents and marquees. At S.A Marquees we pride ourselves on being able to deliver total event management and promotional solutions to both small and large businesses. We’ve been committed to providing exceptional tents and marquees at very competitive prices. We provide a comprehensive manufacturing service. We also provide; tents and tarps, catering chairs, catering tables, roller shades blinds, tarp tents, canopy tents.

Check our website Contact us now and to make your order. Call us on (031) 7016721 or 0837866155 for all your request.